Welcome to CULTURE SHOCK! where each week we will challenge you to come up with a crafty project based on a Pop Culture Reference. Our team will be divided into 2 sections to allow maximum creativity and inspiration to give you a jump start! -- We are SINCERELY interested in seeing ALL types of work!! Layouts, Cards, Jewelry, ATCs, Tags, Paintings, Digital, Needlework --- Come one come all!! The great thing about pop culture is it effects EVERY little aspect of life.. music, fashion, religion, food, tv.... we would love to see this challenge encompass all parts of crafting and all aspects of Culture!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Challenge MADONNA!!

Thanks for all of last week's submissions! Be on the lookout for winners this MONDAY :)

On to the next Culture Shock CHALLENGE: MADONNA
This week's Sponsor: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff

Who is a Culture Icon? Madonna.. who never failed to SHOCK and AWE? Madonna.. Who as on every girl and boy's wall for YEARS? MADONNA! Show us your Madonna inspired pieces! Do you love her cone boobies? Her pearls? Her lace and mesh? Maybe it's her lyrics... or just HER. Show us Show us Show us!!

-we are are also adding a new RULE. to be considered for a winner each week and thrown into the prize at the end of the month.. you MUST link back to the culture shock :) please and thank you!-

-Don't forget to put in your post how your piece fits into "POP CULTURE" especially because it's ANYTHING goes week!-

Inspiration from the Culture Shock PUNKS:




to play along and earn one of our COVETED badges just create a new piece of work based on this week's theme.. post it to your blog and link directly to your blog post using the following widget! ---closes NEXT Thursday at midnight MST!!---


  1. Linked m project and Hank you for having such a great blog.. I will link your blog to my blog.

  2. Linked the project. Thank you for having an interesting and DIFFERENT kind of challenge!

  3. I just entered in the nick of time. Thanks for hosting, can't wait to see what you come up with next!