Welcome to CULTURE SHOCK! where each week we will challenge you to come up with a crafty project based on a Pop Culture Reference. Our team will be divided into 2 sections to allow maximum creativity and inspiration to give you a jump start! -- We are SINCERELY interested in seeing ALL types of work!! Layouts, Cards, Jewelry, ATCs, Tags, Paintings, Digital, Needlework --- Come one come all!! The great thing about pop culture is it effects EVERY little aspect of life.. music, fashion, religion, food, tv.... we would love to see this challenge encompass all parts of crafting and all aspects of Culture!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Culture Shock Challenge Coming Near You!!

Stay tuned for some ELECTRIFYING JAW DROPPING AWE INSPIRING challenges and works based on all forms of POP CULTURE.

Music. Religion. Tv. Movies. Fashion. Politics. Scandals. Your mom. You name it.. we're gonna USE IT!

We'll be opening up a DT call in the near future... as of right now we're figuring out the little things.. and we need your help getting some followers! So send your friends and family our way -- if they're crafters/artists/inventors/jewelers/sculptors/or just plain adventurers of any kind.. we want 'em!


  1. Can't wait to see what challenges you come up with.


  2. How wonderful ladies! I wish you much success and fun time!

  3. Looking forward to see what this challenge is...I'm a new follower,from MyGraphico DT. And would like to help out if I can...